Necklace Pendants

Necklace Pendants are those loose piece of hanging attached to a necklace. Worn by both men and women, as well as by children, necklaces and pendants can be long and bold, or short and dainty. The size and weight of the pendant mainly depend on the ability of the necklace to bear the weight. A single pendant used as highlight to a necklace.

These pendants in the necklace is attached to serve different purposes
• Different types of pendants are attached to necklaces to enhance the beauty and create varieties of jewellery.
• Pendants are also used for the purpose of identification. That is similar pendants are used in necklaces to identify with religious symbols, sexual symbols, symbols of rock bands.
• Amulets and religious symbols are attached in necklaces with the belief of getting protection.
• Pedants are also designed with initials, named and gemstones. The many specialized types of pendants include lockets which open in most cases to reveal an image. Pendants feature charms or jewels that are suspended from a chain.