Ear studs are the smallest and the simplest form of earrings. These studs may be of diamonds, gemstones or metal balls.
• Diamond ear studs: These ear studs showcase the fire and beauty of the gem without any other distractions. Studs generally feature solitaire diamonds of different shapes such as round, princess, and pear cut diamonds.
• Pearl ear studs: They enhance a natural with many colors and sizes. These studs of pearls exude a luxurious, elegant look suitable for any age.
• Metal Studs: metal stud earrings are more casual than diamond or colored gemstone studs. These may be available in silver, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. These are relatively easy to maintain.
• Labrets are the type of ear studs where the flat back plate of a labret sits neatly against the back of ear. They are suitable for both ear lobe and ear cartilage piercings. Surgical steel, titanium or BioFlex labret studs are most preferred.