Well connected cheaters prefer to invest their money in expensive jewelry

Well connected Brahmin and other cheaters falsely claim to be domain investors
The reason why there is a gap of nearly two years in the blog is because fraud powerful officials falsely claimed that well connected brahmin and other cheaters like goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi mandrekar,obc slut bsc sunaina,brahmin bbm cheater nayanshree hathwar were the domain investor, owned the webhosting account. Because of the fraud, Hostgator India closed the account without a valid reason or prior notice, so that restoring the websites was a time consuming task, and the old backup had to be used.
These lazy greedy well connected women will invest all their money in expensive jewelry, precious gemstones, why do fraud powerful top officials in the indian internet sector, falsely claim that these women are domain investors, webmasters and paypal account holder, to justify the great powers that these lazy greedy women have been given at the expense of the real domain investor.