Fraud NTRO officials falsely claim indore gold investors own domain names, paypal account

In an indication of the complete lack of morals of top ntro officials, these officials allegedly bribed by google,tata are falsely claiming that an indore housewife veena owns the expensive domain names, Paypal account of a single woman engineer to give the indore housewife a lucrative RAW job,
In reality the indore housewife has invested all her money in GOLD, LAND, and has not invested any money at all in domain names, yet top ntro officials are shameless section 420 FRAUDS taking bribes from google,tata, veena’s husband, to make FAKE CLAIMs, and ensure that indian tax payer money is wasted paying the indore housewife and her associates a salary.
These fraud ntro,raw,cbi officials are defaming the real domain investor, paypal account holder, making up fake stories, to cover up their great fraud of falsely claiming that the indore housewife and other frauds own the domain names, paypal account, in an indication of hoW NTRO is encouraging GOLD INVESTMENT IN india

When ntro officials are involved in major FRAUDS, do they deserve so many powers