Indore famous for its jewelry

Though indore housewife bespectacled R&AW employee veena has only invested her money in gold, land, shameless fraud R&AW, CBI, NTRO officials falsely claim that she is a domain investor , to justify the wastage of tax payer money paying her a monthly salary. In reality, R&AW employee veena does not spend any money online, she is following the Indore tradition of investing in jewelry and falsely claiming credit.
During the British Raj, when Tukoji Rao Holkar ruled the state , the indore toshakhana included valuable jewelry like
-necklace with 43 emeralds
– necklace with 199 diamonds and 5 emeralds
– turbans studded with diamonds and emeralds
– diamond and emerald bangles
– ruby and diamond buttons
– 5 string pearl necklace
– 9 string pearl necklace
– 7 string pearl necklace with 700 pearls
– pearl earrings
– diamond and pearl nose rings.
(from Wicked women of the Raj)

when people in the area are traditionally investing in jewelry, why falsely claim to be domain investors.