Jewelry companies are major advertisers

A clear indication of how big a particular industry sector is or how profitable a business is the amount spent on advertising. A small business with low revenues will not have much money to spend on advertising for a long time. In newspapers, magazines and on TV, jewellery firms are major advertisers, especially on local channels. Almost all the local jewellers in Goa are advertising on the major local TV channels indicating the high profit margin.
Similarly the local newspapers, magazines have a large number of advertisements for jewelry stores and exhibitions. Most jewelry items cost more than Rs 10000, and it would be interesting to find out where people are getting so much money to spend on jewelry.
When a paypal account holder will withdraw less than Rs 15000 monthly for expenses like food, the local intelligence and security agency officials are quick to falsely accuse of black money and torture the harmless personhowever those who spend tens of thousands or lakhs on jewelry do not face any harassment