More proof that black money in goa is invested in Gold

It appears that relatively few people, especially business owners and professionals are keeping their money in the bank because of the endless impersonation frauds of cbi, ntro, and financial records of most small business owners in goa will prove the fact. Instead they are investing all their money, especially black money in gold , which cannot be easily tracked by the indian government or their agencies like ntro, cbi.
In addition to the large number of advertisements on TV channels in Goa by the established jewellers, there are also a large number of jewellery exhibitions in goa which are advertised extensively in newspapers and other methods like flyers.
In these advertisements, the jewellers are offering free gold, silver coins to customers who make purchases of value more than Rs 1 lakh or so. Most items at the jewellery exhibition will cost at least Rs 10000.
For the last 6 years, allegedly bribed by the pathological liar google, tata officials, the intelligence and security agency officials especially cbi have been making fake allegations of black money without proof against a harmless domain investor who receives all her payment by electronic transfer or cheque, and when a small amount of less than Rs 15000 is withdrawn monthly for expenses like food, travel, clothes, medicines and other essentials, these officials will make fake allegations of black money.
However in a clear indication of the double standards of cbi, intelligence agencies no action is taken against the real black money hoarders who invest their black money in expensive gold, diamond and other jewelry