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stainless steel chain jewelry

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Chinese factory named Mei Bao.

We produce stainless steel chain, titanium steel chain. Mainly serve the jewelry, clothing, suitcase and bag industry, can match all kinds of accessories to make men’s necklace hand link, women’s necklace bracelet ankle chain, suitcase chain, clothing chain and so on. More than 20 years of careful management, Europe and the United States, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Israel and other countries have our buyers. You can find out our product type by searching the following keywords on Google. Of course, you can also understand the style of the product through the attached picture.

1.hip pop jewelry

2. Miami Cuban Gold Links

3. Men ‘s gold chain

4.316 stainless steel jewelry

5. America jewelry

6. Accessories Chain for Purse Bags Luggage Hand Bag

7. Clothing chain

8.Dog chain

We can give you any assistance you need. Factory inspection, proofing (to sample customization, to map proofing, data proofing, regular update of products). The minimum purchase amount is $3,000 (excluding tax) for a single type of chain with a length of about 2000 meters. We choose delivery mode of delivery for the factory, the factory for two positions, southeast east factory in yiwu, zhejiang province, the south factory in guangdong guangzhou), we can take you to deliver goods to your appointed forwarder warehouse, if you are not familiar with the forwarder company, so we can find for you familiar with reliable forwarder company for you to choose from, who you dealt with all the export affairs. As an aside, if your country is a European country that has joined our “One Belt And One Road” development strategy, then you can choose to transport by train, which is fast and cheap.

If you are the host master and have your own fans, we can provide you with marketing content (finished products, pictures, videos, product introduction) to help you sell the goods well.

Please believe that our products sell very well. You won’t be disappointed.

Once we work together, we will become long-term partners.

Welcome your email to consult

E-mail: 1972728127

Telephone: 0086-13157934 913

Contact: Mable Liang

Meibao stainless steel chain jewelry factory