Reduced making charges from TBZ & sons till Diwali

Festive celebrations from TBZ & sons

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri & Sons as part of their Festive celebrations are offering
upto 100% off on making charges for
Gold & Diamond jewelry

They provide gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewelry
and are open on all days till Diwali

TBZ & Sons (I) Pvt, Ltd , Opera House, Mumbai

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Tanishq Divyam collection

Tanishq has launched the Divyam , a Festive heritage collection
for a limited time free gold coins were offered on every jewellery purchase of 10 grams of gold or diamond jewellery worth Rs 8000
Each piece is certified for purity of gold and diamonds

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Corrupt officials and their families can invest in jewelry and gemstones

In a small town most people with a salary only make enough to cover their daily expenses, yet there are number of large jewelry outlets in the town, selling expensive jewelry costing a years income for a single piece. There is no way a salaried person or a small business owner can afford to purchase the expensive jewelry, only corrupt officials and their families who have plenty of cash, can afford to purchase the expensive jewelry.
These corrupt officials will abuse their power and make fake accusations against an innocent person so that they can extort money from their victim for the rest of their lives. They will demand the bribe in cash, so that no official records are retained, and then use it to purchase jewelry, which can be worn on different occasions and also is a investment, especially when it will have precious gemstones like diamonds, emeralds and jewelry.
So though these officials are quick to make false allegations against innocent people, they themselves have a lot of black money, usually invested in jewelry.

Jewelry for hiding black money in India


Increasingly jewelry and gemstones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds are used for hiding black money as no financial records have to be maintained for the money invested. If a person will invest in mutual funds, FDs, financial records are maintained, and this information will be leaked to encourage blackmailers and extortionist to make false accusations. However those who invest in jewelry are safe as the financial records cannot be traced.


Well connected cheaters prefer to invest their money in expensive jewelry

Well connected Brahmin and other cheaters falsely claim to be domain investors
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Gold jewelry

These gemstones are used in gold jewelry.  Popular patterns of gold jewelry are:

14 K Gold Rings
14 K Gold Pendants
Gold Earrings
Gold Bracelets
Gold Chains
Gold Charms
Gold Rings Plain 14-18 K
Gold Fashion rings 14k-18k-platinum