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Dragon’s Eye

Dragon’s Eyes are uncut gems that are primarily used to produce socketable gems that may only be used by that jeweler.
Dragon’s Eyes can only be acquired from a high level jewelcrafter. The most common way is for the jeweler to turn in one [Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token] to Tiffany Cartier in Dalaran for one Dragon’s Eye. Jewelers can also create an [Icy Prism] every 20 hours

Dragon’s Eye gem cuts are exclusively bind on pickup. When a Dragon’s Eye is cut by the jeweler, it will become soulbound to the jeweler. The jeweler can cut an unlimited number of these gems, however, he cannot wear equipment with more than three socketed at any given time. These cut gems can be of the same or different types (e.g. the jeweler could equip three [Solid Dragon’s Eyes]).

Dragon’s Eyes are also a reagent to other epic jewelcrafting necklaces and rings that are bind on equip.

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