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Jewelry keepsake box

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The right gift can help cement a relationship since it shows the recipient that the giver cares for her. There are many occasions when a person wishes to give a gift to important women in their life like Mothers day, birthday, thanksgiving day, christmas or other occasions. Finding the right gift is often difficult, however, a keepsake box is a gift which women of all ages will appreciate. Most women are wearing many jewelry items like rings, wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and trinkets which they remove at the end of the day. They are also have keys, hearing aids and other small items which they keep aside.

These jewelry and other items are kept on the table, near the display on the dressing table, beside the bed or on the nightstand. Also while working in the kitchen or in the bathroom, a woman has to remove the rings for washing hands, cleaning utensils or preparing meals. If these items are kept in the open, they may get scattered or fall down. Finding these small items will be difficult and time consuming. So to overcome this problem the keepsake box has been conveniently designed, making it is easy to safely store the jewelry and other items, when not in use. The box can be supplied with a customized message which will make your mother or other recipient emotional.

The square keepsake box has a width and length of 4 inches each, and height of two inches so that most items can be stored. The box is made from ceramic and consists of a box with a cover. There is a message on the box cover and also inside the box. A pretty card with a sentimental message is also provided. A warranty of two years is offered on the ceramic box. The box will be supplied in gift packaging with a bowknot. Customer support is available, and if anyone has any queries regarding the keepsake box,