fashion jewelry from china

Dongguan Kimjee Gift Co,Ltd., which is one of the good jewelry manufactory in China.

Our materials include copper, alloy, gemstones(pearl, imitation pearl, cat’s eye, agate, crystal, etc). I see your company do some jewelry business.

Do you have interest importing jewelry from China Maninland? Our advantage:

1.Our team have 15 years’ experience in making jewelry.

2. Small order is acceptable and our products are various and newest. OEM and ODM are welcome.

3. Our materials are eco-friendly.

4. We promise that you could get our products quickly.

5. Our factory specializes in manufacturing imitation jewelry.

6. Free sample is available.

Why homes are a better investment compared to gold

Every person requires a place to stay, so in addition to being an investment whose value will increase over a period of time, a person can live in his home and also rent it out to make money. In contrast , gold jewelry can be only used for decorative purposes, and the rate of gold can increase or decrease depending on market conditions. Additionally the market rate of real estate will usually increase over a period of time. In their old age, individuals who do not have a friend or relative to help them financially, can also get a reverse mortgage for their house, which will be a passive source of income over a period of time. The reverse mortgage allows the home owner to benefit from the amount invested in the house during his or her lifetime.

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Homes are a better investment compared to jewelry

While women invest their money in jewelry, unlike other investments, it is difficult to get regular returns which can cover the expenses of the woman during her old age . If she requires money for a financial emergency the woman will have to sell the jewelry or take a gold loan. This is in contrast to investing money in a home, as the home can be used to take a reverse mortgage after the woman becomes old. The money from the reverse mortgage can be used to pay the regular expenses incurred by the woman on food, repairs, bills, healthcare.

Loans against jewellery

Realizing that most indian citizens are investing their money in gold and other jewellery, an increasingly large number of organizations including jewellers and banks, are offering loans against gold and other jewellery. These gold loans are advertised extensively. However the organization should have sophisticated and accurate methods to evaluate the purity of the gold, as the value of the jewellery will differ considerably in case of gold of lower purity compared to 22K gold. If the jewellery value is not assessed accurately, the lender of the gold loan could make a loss, in case of a gold loan default. There are relatively less organizations who will offer loans against precious stones.

Save money on jewellery shopping online with coupons from Ozcodes

In addition to being a fashion accessory which enhances the appearance and beauty of the person, especially woman, wearing it, jewellery can also be a good investment as prices of precious stones and metals are increasing due to the limited supply and increasing demand. So many people prefer to invest a large part of their savings in different kinds of jewellery, which they can use to meet expenses in their old age or for any financial emergency like illness, accident.

While some people continue to purchase jewellery offline, a large number of jewellery buyers are now preferring to purchase their jewellery online to avail of the lower prices and greater variety of jewellery available. There are a large number of online stores selling different types, designs of jewellery to suit the budget and tastes of jewellery buyers. These online jewellery buyers can select the jewellery from the comfort of their home using their computer and internet connection, instead of wasting time and money personally visiting each offline jewellery store trying to find the right jewellery. While some stores will periodically offer discounts on jewellery as part of their periodica sales, online shoppers can get much better discounts using the many coupon codes listed at for a large number of online stores.

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Jewellery stores in Goa

In July 2016, it appears that jewellery is the most popular investment in Goa for professionals and business owners, if the advertisements on local television channels will be monitored. In addition to jewellery stores in larger towns like panaji, mapusa, ponda, jewellers from other places like porvorim, and neighbouring states like Karnataka are also advertising on the local television channels .
It appears that many goans are visiting Belgaum or Belgavi for jewellery and other shopping.
A major advantage is that unlike bank deposits, mutual funds, share, bonds, investment in jewellery is not closely monitored by the tax and government authorities, and jewellery investors do not face harassment or impersonation fraud attempts.