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Pendant design

• Solitaire pendants are simple and attract the beauty of the material installed. It may be from pearl, diamond or any gemstone. The most popular varieties are round, princess, and pear cut diamonds. These are simple pendants but give an elegant look. Solitaire pendants can also feature a single pink, white, or black pearl, or a colored stone such as a sapphire, emerald, or ruby.
• Designer metals can be created using only metals also. All-metal pendants may be in silver, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum give the necklace an enriched look.
• Pendants may be designed by considering variety of ancient, Celtic, mythological, Oriental, or tribal symbols.
• Pearl and gemstone pendants may be embedded on the metal designs featuring a single pink, white, or black pearl, or a colored stone such as a sapphire, emerald, or ruby.

Necklace Pendants

Necklace Pendants are those loose piece of hanging attached to a necklace. Worn by both men and women, as well as by children, necklaces and pendants can be long and bold, or short and dainty. The size and weight of the pendant mainly depend on the ability of the necklace to bear the weight. A single pendant used as highlight to a necklace.

These pendants in the necklace is attached to serve different purposes
• Different types of pendants are attached to necklaces to enhance the beauty and create varieties of jewellery.
• Pendants are also used for the purpose of identification. That is similar pendants are used in necklaces to identify with religious symbols, sexual symbols, symbols of rock bands.
• Amulets and religious symbols are attached in necklaces with the belief of getting protection.
• Pedants are also designed with initials, named and gemstones. The many specialized types of pendants include lockets which open in most cases to reveal an image. Pendants feature charms or jewels that are suspended from a chain.

Diamond necklaces

To talk about diamond necklaces there are so many options available that women fall into dilemma as to which is the best among all. Like there are so many different colours of diamond studded in gold or silver neckpieces which looks beautiful when worn on any occasion. A famous kind of necklace which has gained popularity these years is Christian jewelry these Christian jewelries basically consist of cross designs and super stylish designs. These necklaces look truly trend.
A few types of necklaces can be used by two methods you could use them as a choker as well as long necklace. This is because they have a length adjustment provision. A few necklaces are provisioned in a way where more than one pendent can be hung on the necklace. These kinds are indeed very convenient.

Platinum jewelry

Platinum or platina (a Spanish word) is considered as a much rarer valuable, whitish metal, ductile and malleable that resembles but isn’t silver. In fact it’s the toughest among jewelries. Platinum Jewelry is costlier in comparison to silver. Platinum is not only elegant when used all by itself to create a piece of jewelry but also looks beautiful when used as a simple polished item or when designed with engraved motifs. It has attracted the jewelry buying crowds in today’s market because of the potency and flexibility of the metal. With the current hue and cry about platinum it seems that Jewelers are now coming up with really creative and innovative designs to replace platinum as women’s best friend in place of diamonds.
Platinum jewelry is always hallmarked and is highly durable, more in weight in comparison to gold and lasts for years. Making of platinum jewelry requires invariably high amount of experience in craftsmanship. But once the jewelry is made it has the potential to attract anybody’s eye. Platinum jewelry is now a major player when we talk of bridal jewelries, especially among royal families. Platinum jewelry has major buyers when we talk of wedding bands and engagement rings. Designs are made either with plain platinum or with diamonds, as per ones choice. For women platinum jewelry comes in different options- bracelets, nose ring, crown, fashion rings, watches, wedding and bridal rings.
For men, platinum jewelry apart from wedding bands and engagement rings are now recently loved when used as cufflinks with stones and designer watches.

Necklace design

Necklaces are worn by women matching to their costume hence these necklace designs are designed in the pattern so that it get along with any dress. Besides the necklace design another thing which attracts necklaces are the metal used in it either gold silver copper or the beaded ones. Each stands in its own place of beauty. A few necklaces are made up of base metal which has a matt finish, which looks quite elegant with its own unique design engraved on it.

Pinchbeck antique jewellery

Pinchbeck antique jewellery: Copper and zinc were combined to make a cheaper substitute for gold. This type of jewellery went out of vogue after the 1840s. Popularly known as pinch jewellery, they were made with as much care and skill that went into making gold jewellery.

Antique paste jewellery

Antique paste jewellery: This style uses faceted glass to resemble precious stones. This technique is the creation of a French Jeweler to the King of France, Georges Frederic Strass. He mixed lead with glass (hence the name paste) to make the glass highly reflective. He mounted this faceted glass in all kinds of intricate settings. It is said that more skill is required to facet paste than to cut diamond – diamond being harder and therefore easier to work with. Usually set in silver, these 18th centaury jewels boast stones in a wide range of lovely colors, shades and shapes. A wide variety of articles including intricate tiaras were made using this technique.

Micro mosaic antique jewellery

Micro mosaic antique jewellery: The origin of micro mosaic has been traced back to the times of Caesar. Glass to which metal oxides have been added to give color was first heated. This was then pulled into strands. The strands were cut into small pieces called ‘tesserae’ or mosaic. The mosaic pieces were so small that they are barely visible without magnification. Different colored mosaics were used to make images, portraits. These were then set in jewellery. The Italian masters of this craft were known to create scenes with as many as 14,000 mosaics per square inch. The dawn of the industrial age also brought about the demise of this wonderful craft. The mosaics used in the scenes became larger and the finishing cruder.

Victorian Essex Crystal jewellery

Victorian Essex Crystal jewellery: Rock Crystal was cut so that it has a flat back and a rounded and smooth front. The back of the crystal rock was then carefully carved out in the desired form. The depressions were then painted in detail. The designs generally used were animal motifs and hunting scenes. The intricacy of the work depended on the skill level of the artist. Mother of pearl was used as base. The finished products are almost life – like. Some of the pieces were quite massive while others delicate. They were usually mounted on cufflinks, bracelets, pendants etc. Given the whimsical ways of dame, imitations crept in and popularity waned. The skill also slowly died because of the high cost of this labor intensive technique. Today they have become collectibles.