Monthly Archives: March 2016

Stealing jewelry after pretending to help

Often the newspapers are publishing stories of how conmen steal the gold jewelry from women, senior citizens after pretending to help them. They will tell the women that their clothes are dirty or gang of robbers is in the area, and to remove their jewelry for safety purposes. then the gang members will steal the expensive jewelry and their victims realize too late that they are cheated.
In the indian internet sector there is a similar fraud going on, large companies will ask people to file fake cases without any proof against domain investors, especially single women. Then intelligence agency officials will pretend to help these domain investors, and pay off the blackmailers making fake allegations without proof, with the money they have stolen from the domain investors. These intelligence agency officials will not even provide the names of persons making fake accusations against the domain investors, so that the domain investor can defend himself or herself.

Though the powerful intelligence agency officials will refuse to admit it, they are no different from the robbers who steal jewelry from women, cash from others, pretending to help. When those accusing or making fake allegations cannot provide any proof, why are intelligence agency officials wasting the hard earned money of a single woman engineer on these frauds without her permission.

Fraud NTRO officials falsely claim indore gold investors own domain names, paypal account

In an indication of the complete lack of morals of top ntro officials, these officials allegedly bribed by google,tata are falsely claiming that an indore housewife veena owns the expensive domain names, Paypal account of a single woman engineer to give the indore housewife a lucrative RAW job,
In reality the indore housewife has invested all her money in GOLD, LAND, and has not invested any money at all in domain names, yet top ntro officials are shameless section 420 FRAUDS taking bribes from google,tata, veena’s husband, to make FAKE CLAIMs, and ensure that indian tax payer money is wasted paying the indore housewife and her associates a salary.
These fraud ntro,raw,cbi officials are defaming the real domain investor, paypal account holder, making up fake stories, to cover up their great fraud of falsely claiming that the indore housewife and other frauds own the domain names, paypal account, in an indication of hoW NTRO is encouraging GOLD INVESTMENT IN india

When ntro officials are involved in major FRAUDS, do they deserve so many powers