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Coloured Diamonds

Pink Diamonds: The Argyle pink diamond comes in shades ranging from delicate pastel rose to robust raspberry and full-blooded purple-reds.
• White Diamonds: These have very little impurities present in them and, therefore, command a high price. White diamonds are scientifically classified as Type I diamonds.
• A champagne diamond is actually a classification for diamonds found in a range of hues. A naturally colored champagne diamond can be found in colours as light as straw and as rich as cognac. Colour, carat, clarity, and cut should determine how expensive a piece of jewellery is.
• The Golden Jubilee: It is a fire rose cut diamond, this diamond has a unique fancy yellow-brown color that made it one of the most beautiful pieces of stone ever unearthed.
• Dresden Green Diamond: The stone’s unique green color is due to natural exposure to radioactive materials being used to compare natural versus lab-produced green diamonds. It is hoped that it can be used to devise a test to differentiate between naturally green diamonds, which are quite rare, and lab-produced ones.
• Thin Film Diamonds: Chemical vapor deposition of diamond or CVD s a method of producing synthetic diamond by creating the circumstances necessary for carbon atoms in a gas to settle on a substrate in crystalline form.