Platinum jewelry

Platinum or platina (a Spanish word) is considered as a much rarer valuable, whitish metal, ductile and malleable that resembles but isn’t silver. In fact it’s the toughest among jewelries. Platinum Jewelry is costlier in comparison to silver. Platinum is not only elegant when used all by itself to create a piece of jewelry but also looks beautiful when used as a simple polished item or when designed with engraved motifs. It has attracted the jewelry buying crowds in today’s market because of the potency and flexibility of the metal. With the current hue and cry about platinum it seems that Jewelers are now coming up with really creative and innovative designs to replace platinum as women’s best friend in place of diamonds.
Platinum jewelry is always hallmarked and is highly durable, more in weight in comparison to gold and lasts for years. Making of platinum jewelry requires invariably high amount of experience in craftsmanship. But once the jewelry is made it has the potential to attract anybody’s eye. Platinum jewelry is now a major player when we talk of bridal jewelries, especially among royal families. Platinum jewelry has major buyers when we talk of wedding bands and engagement rings. Designs are made either with plain platinum or with diamonds, as per ones choice. For women platinum jewelry comes in different options- bracelets, nose ring, crown, fashion rings, watches, wedding and bridal rings.
For men, platinum jewelry apart from wedding bands and engagement rings are now recently loved when used as cufflinks with stones and designer watches.