Savings dip to 47 year low as government continues to reward gold investors

The mainstream media reported that the savings rate in india had declined to a 47 year low . However, the reporters were not honest about the real reason, the government policy of rewarding gold investors and leaking the data of those who invest money in bank, other deposits,so that it becomes easy for extortionists to file fake cases against them, subjecting them to identity theft.
For example though the indore housewife deepika has only invested in gold and property, since the details remain confidential she was not subjected to fake cases, In contrast the domain investor had invested her savings in bank deposits, the information was leaked, fake allegations were used to criminally defame her and government agencies robbed her retirement savings without a court order. It remains very difficult to retrieve these savings robbed by the well paid greedy government employees who then falsely claim that the savings belong to their lazy greedy fraud friends and relatives, who also get government jobs for faking their resume, savings.
The government policy of criminally defaming, robbing the resume frugal investors investing in bank deposits and other similar investments, ruining their life, has made it difficult for these hardworking investors to save any money, reducing the savings rate to a great extent. In contrast those who have invested in gold have flourished in the last decade, often getting lucrative government jobs with the robbed resume of those who invest in bank deposits. So increasingly people are preferring to invest in gold or spend their hard earned money, instead of saving money and having it robbed by well paid government employees without a court order, or legally valid reason.,