Theft of jewellery motive behind murder of ex-union ministers wife kitty kumaramangalam in delhi

The newspapers had mentioned some days ago, that ex-union minister mohan kumarmangalam’s wife kitty kumaramangalam was found dead in her delhi home. she was 67 years old according to media reports
According to the television reports, the murderer has been found and theft of jewellery was the main motive behind the murder, with boxes full of gold jewellery being shown on republic tv
This highlights the problems faced by single women in getting help at home, or even home repairs done, there is a great risk that they may get assaulted or even murdered, so they should be careful. There are other instances when women have been assaulted, robbed and murdered by the workers when the home was renovated or repaired.
Yet the government agencies refuse to acknowledge the great problems faced by single women getting help who is professional, will not harm them, and are doubting their honesty, if they are not able to get their home repaired